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Domo Downloads:


As stated on the how page Domo depends on a couple of other things: (please click on the links for downloads)

(*) Note that though MySQL is required Domo will support other databases in the near future. All it requires is implementing a simple interface, so if you're bored.... :)

Linux users:

Dependency Description Required version Linux Notes Windows Notes General Notes
Qt Toolkit Multiplatform C++ widget toolkit >= 3.3.4 This is installed by default in most distro's especially if you're using KDE You'll need the evaluation version
  • Make sure you compile Qt WITH TREAD SUPPORT (-thread)
  • Make sure you have the QTDIR environment variable set!
Qt MySQL Plugin (QMYSQL3) Qt database plugin for MySQL Same version as Qt (see above) N/A N/A
  • If you installed Qt from source, there is NO need to download/install the mysql plugin separately. Just compile the plugin from the Qt source installation directory (in $QTDIR/plugins/src/sqldrivers/)
  • Make sure you have the QTDIR environment variable set!
  • You should find the plugin in $QTDIR/plugins
  • More info on SqlModule
Taglib A audio file tagging library >= 1.2 tar.gz rar Needed from Domo v2.4
A Relational database. Currently only MySQL is fully supported. Very fast, free relational database >= 4.0 MySQL binaries Future versions of Domo will need MySQL version >= 4.1
MusicBrainz Client libraries to access the MusicBrainz service (~CDDB) >= 2 download download N/A
Vorbis Libraries for the Ogg vorbis file format >= 1 download download Needed from Domo v2.1
lib Mad Free, high quality, MPEG decoder >= 0.15 N/A N/A Needed from Domo v2.1