Please note that most of the compile problems are all Qt related. So please check if you have the right version, is thread support enabled,...
Also, did you check the
bug tracker or the forums on the project page?

  1. Q: Im compiling Qt from source, where are the mysql plugin sources?
    A: See $QTDIR/plugins/src/sqldrivers/

  2. Q: "../../../../src/sql/drivers/mysql/qsql_mysql.h:49:19: mysql.h: No such file or directory" when compiling the mysql qt plugin
    A: Open the makefile and add "-I/usr/include/mysql/" to the INCPATH line. (directory may be different on your system)

  3. Q: I want Domo in my language!
    A: Check out Qt Linguist and mail me ;)

  4. Q: The split track and quality check dialogs are irritating me!!!
    A: Switch them off in the preferences dialog under the Quality Checks tab.

  5. Q: "domo: relocation error: domo: undefined symbol: _ZN7QString6setNumExi"
    A: This is a library error, some library can not be found.  Please check the installation paths and especially the VERSIONS of the installed libraries.

  6. Q: "cannot find include dir /usr/local/musicbrainz/" When building from source.
    A: Make sure you installed the musicbrainz development headers, adapt domo.pro (INCPATH) to fit your local settings and re-run qmake.

  7. Q: On running domo you get something like "...cannot load shared library file xxx: no such file or directory"
    A: Make sure library xxx is installed. Add the path to the directory containing the library to the ld.so.conf file in /etc (as root) Save the conf file and run 'ldconfig' (all as root). Problem should now be solved.

  8. Q: I've installed the domo rpm when I run 'domo' I get "bash: domo: command not found"
    A: The domo executable is installed in /usr/local/bin, make sure this directory is in your path

  9. Q: You get compile errors such as:
    		   domomainwindow.cpp: In member function `bool 
    DOMOMainWindow::splitFilename(TrackSpace::Track*, bool&, bool&)':
    domomainwindow.cpp:555: no matching function for call to `SplitTrackDiag::
    domomainwindow.cpp:1784: no matching function for call to `MusicBrainzDialog::
    domomainwindow.cpp:1850: no matching function for call to `BackupDbaseDiag::

    A: Check if Qt has thread support enabled (you should be linking against the qt-mt library)

  10. Q: domomainwindow.cpp: In constructor `DomoMainWindow::DomoMainWindow(QWidget*, ..)': domomainwindow.cpp:238: error: `e' undeclared (first use this function)
    A: You do not have exception support enabled. In linux make sure you have the -fexceptions flag instead of the -fno-exceptions flag in the Makefile (also see the CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS variables in your qmake project file)

  11. Q: You get an error like "Cant find libqt-base-mt.so.3" when installing the rpm
    A: libqt-base-mt.so.3 is used in Arklinux. Usually, in other distributions the file is called libqt-mt.so.x. What should always work is rebuiling the source rpm using 'rpmbuild --rebuild [src rpm]. Another solution is check if you have "libqt-mt.so.x" and then just symlink libqt-base-mt.so.x to libqt-mt.so.x

  12. Q: uic: File generated with too recent version of Qt Designer (eg: 3.3.1 vs. 3.2)
    A: Open the relevant .ui file with a text editor and simply edit the first line.  Note this will not work if the code relies on features only present in the newer Qt library.