Central to Domo is the configuration file 'domo.conf' (without it the setup wizard will be started) and the resource files (see below).

Please make sure the database deamon is running (For MySQL this would be mysqld).

Track Structure

Very important to anybody who uses domo is the way in which it handles tracks.
By default Domo assumes a music file has the following format (regex notation) (a custom format can be set in the preferences dialog):
[TrackNumber] [-|.|_| ]* Title [(A comment)] - Artist [(Another comment)]

Examples are:

Domo will automatically split the filenames into the right fields and prompt the user if necessary.


Note: By default domo bases itself on track titles instead of on meta-tags because I know from experience that the former are WAY more reliable. However you can change this behaviour if you wish.

So Domo will try to split a trackname into an Artist, Title and Comment field based on the location of the dash ('-'). (A comment is anything enclosed by brackets, square or round. Dashes in comments are ignored).
When Domo runs into a filename with multiple dashes (or no dashes at all) and it cannot resolve it automatically it will promt the user.


Directory structure:
|-- domo.conf -> the central configuration file, if this file is not present the setup wizard is started automatically
|-- export -> by default all exported files are placed here
|-- resources
|-- extensioninfo.txt -> a list of extensions + description
|-- genrelist.txt -> a list of possible genres, WARNING: this is a standardized list!! The order is important!!!
| Do not mess with this file unless you know what you are doing
|-- ignorelist.txt -> Used in the compare process. Contains a list of words which are NOT, i repeat NOT,
| considered keywords. Feel free to edit this list to fit your own needs
|-- artistsafelist.txt -> Domo automatically removes the tracknumber in track names
| (eg: "01 Wyclef Jean" - Gentleman becomes "Wyclef Jean - Gentleman")
| Some artists, however, start with 2 digits (eg: "98 Degrees") so here the 'track number' may
| not be stripped. 'artistsafelist.txt' contains these 'special' artists.
|-- hyphenedartists.txt -> Contains a list of artists whose name contains ONE hyphen ('-') (eg: Jay-Z, N-Trance, ...)
This to aid the automatic splitting of tracknames into Artist / Title fields.
Feel free to edit this list to fit your own needs.