Domo in YOUR language?

Translating domo in 5 easy steps.
  1. Download the latest translation source file (domo_en.ts) from cvs
  2. Rename 'domo_en.ts' to fit your language (for example, if you were translating into Dutch you would rename the file to 'domo_nl.ts') (*)
  3. Open the file with Qt Linguist (Linguist comes with Qt, see download page)
  4. Add your translations
  5. Send the file to me and I will add it to the list of supported languages (**)

(*) To ensure that no 2 people are working on the same language its best to send me a message first ;)
(**) Actually this last step is very easy, all it involves is (1) editing and recompiling domoglobals.cpp (2) placing the qm file in ~/domo/languages.

Domo is currently available in the following languages:

Please note that when new versions of Domo are released the translations will need to be updated.