What - Features

Domo is in the first place a music organizer. Domo indexes audio sources, extracts all possible information (mpeg headers, ID3 tags, MusicBrainz,...) and inserts everything into a relational database. This database can then be queried, exported and compared with other sources (playlist, music cd, ...).

Feature overview

Supported input formats: Supported output formats: (b4s = Winamp3 xml playlist format, csv = comma separated values, allows import into spreadsheet apps like Excel)


Anything YOU would like to contribute/see implemented? Tell me !! I can't guarantee anything but you never know ;)

Also take a look at the TODO page.

What - History

Well it all started in summer 2001 when I decided to try to get some order in my music collection. Having just finished my 1st year of computer science, thus being able to program in Oberon, I decided to write a program which would help me organize my music collection. The result was DOMO aka Dirks Oberon Music Organizer!
For those interested, the old version can be found here: OberonDomo.zip

But as time passes needs & requirements change...having learnt C++ I decided it was time for a new version (who writes software in Oberon anyway :p), and thats what this site is all about.

Before reading on I suggest you take a look at the why page.